Nova Scotia GeoDatabase 2.3

NS_DATABASE.jpgDeveloped and amalgamated through ESRI software the Nova Scotia GeoDatabase 2.2 provides the GIS user with a full featured information backdrop for any GIS project initiative in Nova Scotia. Print ready geospatial data is immediately available, just add a title, legend and click print - quality map production has never been so fast and easy!

From topographic data and a digital elevation model to landcover and detailed geographic names, it's all there and it's ready for geoprocessing, analysis and display.  All data is compiled from dependable sources that are noted in the metadata - greatly facilitating future updates.

Download Data Sheet! (click here)


Nova Scotia Property Map Processing

In an ESRI format, put Property Boundary Mapping GIS data together quickly and seamlessly.

Nova Scotia Street and Civic Address Processing

In an ESRI format, process the NS provincial civic address and street centerline data in one streamlined model.